Introducing my new little business that I've set up in the last couple of weeks! Owl & Dagger is going to be a small collection of hand dyed and embellished clothing made with some serious love, care and attention. A similar sweater from Topshop caught everyones eye a couple of months ago, but at £45 I thought it was kind of out of my price range. The Owl & Dagger versions made exactly to your colour requirements and completely by hand come at a fraction of the price at just £25!

Things on offer include these studded dip dye sweaters, aswell as vests, tees and leggings at the moment. I'm also really keen to do tie dye so keep this in mind if you want to place an order!

Colours are completely up to you, check out the 'Colour Range' page on the website to see whats on offer :)

Any questions about the products on Owl & Dagger , such as sizing or colours, just tweet me @lucyjanewood !

Please like the Facebook page to make sure you receive updates as photos of new products are to be added to the website soon :)

What do you think? Everyone on Twitter has been amazingly supportive and enthusiastic so far! I'd really appreciate it if you could check out the Owl & Dagger site and have a browse, and maybe treat yourself to a cool new addition to your wardrobe?