This Week #42

01. Tea, served in no less than a vintage tea cup, complete with Parisian spoon. / 02. The prettiest little tea room we found in Lee-On--Solent. If you live in the South I definitely suggest a visit! / 03. It would have been rude not to have a cupcake too. 04. Quick stop at Café Rouge for a pain au chocolat / 05. O.P.I's dazzling When Monkeys Fly and Which


LToday I braved a bare middrift, and immediately regretted it when it began snowing. Thank god for those trusty Primark Super Cost tights! I'm in love with this skirt from Mary Jane Fashion, the pattern, fit and length are all just right and I could see this making an appearance with a pair of sandals and a bandeau in the warmer months.

The Haul: Drugstore Makeup

It's becoming clear these days that I can't say no to an offer, so when recently pursuing the shelves of Boots and stumbling across that oh so beautiful sight of a 'three for two' sign hovering above the cosmetics, all else left my mind and I headed straight for it.

Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint

I'm always a fan of a seriously good nail varnish formula. Glossy, fast drying, well pigmented and long lasting are all traits that I look for when finding that perfect little bottle of colour. After slowly building up a collection over the last few months (and loving them even more with every new purchase) Barry M's new Gelly Nail Paint might just be the polish that takes the title.

A New Look

Hello everyone and welcome to the newly redesigned I Covet Thee! I've been writing this blog for a whole two years now and thought it was about time to get rid of the tired old layout and bring it up to date. Fingers crossed you all like it as I know personally the aesthetics of a blog are very important to me when I read them myself! I've also added quite a few new links and features, so lets have a little tour.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Introducing my new little business that I've set up in the last couple of weeks! Owl & Dagger is going to be a small collection of hand dyed and embellished clothing made with some serious love, care and attention. A similar sweater from Topshop caught everyones eye a couple of months ago, but at £45 I thought it was kind of out of my price range. The Owl & Dagger versions made exactly to your colour requirements and completely by hand come at a fraction of the price at just £25!

Things on offer include these studded dip dye sweaters, aswell as vests, tees and leggings at the moment. I'm also really keen to do tie dye so keep this in mind if you want to place an order!

Colours are completely up to you, check out the 'Colour Range' page on the website to see whats on offer :)

Any questions about the products on Owl & Dagger , such as sizing or colours, just tweet me @lucyjanewood !

Please like the Facebook page to make sure you receive updates as photos of new products are to be added to the website soon :)

What do you think? Everyone on Twitter has been amazingly supportive and enthusiastic so far! I'd really appreciate it if you could check out the Owl & Dagger site and have a browse, and maybe treat yourself to a cool new addition to your wardrobe?


Congratulations on the new business venture darling, loving the sweaters!

Eda ♥

Oh wow! And you did this all by yourself? This is really cool :) Do you ship internationally?

Kisses! xxx

Thanks Mara! My boyfriend helped quite a lot haha. Yep I ship internationally! xxx

these are awesome, wish I had some spare money to buy one!

This is so exciting! Might have to make an order soon! xx

great idea selling these jumpers, love the embellishment and tie dyed colours x

I actually thought these were by Topshop ! Lovely !

wow you did a great job on the jumpers, may have to purchase one! looking forward to seeing the tshirts, vests and leggings!

these are absolutely gorgeous! x

sophie @

Love them :) The studs & the dip dye, JUST AMAZING X

What a great idea! Will check your site out now m'dear :) x

whoooo these are lush! love the name you've chosen for you shop :)

Josephine <3 xx

Adorable jumpers! And massive well dones on the shop!

Emily Wears Things

They look amazing, good luck with the venture!

This is such a good idea Juicy! I love the colours of the blue and purple sweater. You look mega fit!x

How have I not come across your blog before now?!?!
Love the jumpers, and your blog in general is fab


Congrats on your new venture; I love the name and these jumpers are gorgeous!

Becky at life/style/flash. blog x

These sweaters are so brill, immediately thought of the Topshop one as they are just as good! Having a little browse now, very tempting!

Congrats on your new business! I so love the dip dyed effect of the sweater :)

Oh, and please visit my blog if you have time.

I love your leggings :) congrats on your business! :) x

These are lovely, the peach colours my favourite! Really great job on them & congrats on the new business! Good luck with it! :)

Hope all goes well with your new venture, the sweaters look great - love the name Owl and Dagger too!


wow they are so cute. i might check ur site out! and i love ur, ways they wear post! its gorgeous! your newest follower!

They look AMAZING! I'm off to check them out now xx

ahhhhhh amazing! although i have to say the first one is my favourite.

Wow, good luck with your bussiness! I wish you lots of customers! Going to like the page right now!

Peace and love!

i definately want one of these jumpers there gorgeous!!xx

LOVEEEE your blog. Its funny because I just made a post about this on my blog. I follow you now :) follow me back please?

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the blue sweatter is to die for! amazing work

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